Top Tips

Here are some of my TOP TIPS for fabulous wedding photography!


You spend months, even years and thousands of pounds planning every detail of your wedding day, so here are some of my Top Tips to make sure you get the best from your wedding photographer.




This involves inviting all of your guests to refrain from using their smart phone or camera throughout the ceremony.  This allows your guests to fully enjoy your day and leaves the photographer free to be able to do their job with no obstructions in the way, and ensures no important moments are missed due to guests with cameras blocking the photographers' view.  It is also common practice to ask your guests not to post any photos from your day until you have seen your professional photos.  I always aim to post a preview from your day within 24 hours of your wedding.



A kiss is just a kiss right!?  Well not so much when it's your first kiss as a married couple!  At some point during the ceremony you will hear 'you may kiss your bride/groom' and your photographer will be poised to capture the kiss on camera, so kiss with GUSTO (not just a peck!) 


The 'confetti shot' always makes an amazing wedding photo with lots of fun and laughter from your guests.  I always bring confetti along with me to make sure we get this shot.  Let yourselves go while your guests shower you with love (and confetti)  Kiss, hug, fist punch, throw yourself into it, and this photograph will look even more amazing!!


Your family photos are an important part of your day, and you may or may not want photos of your long lost relatives, but please bear in mind that these photos can be quite time consuming, as more often than not half of your guests have already made their way to the bar!!  You should always inform your photographer in advance who you want photos with.  I always write a list of these important shots and bring it with me on the day to make sure none of these photos are missed.  I bring a few copies of the list with me and normally nominate a bridesmaid or groomsman to help gather these people together.  There's nothing worse than a 'shouty' photogapher (that's not me!!)


Brides often spend months searching for the perfect dress and it often costs a fortune, but the reality is it's more than likely to get a bit dirty!  Please don't let this put you off going outside for photographs or you may regret it.  You will not be asked to drag your dress through muddy fields, and your photographer can hide a multitude of sins in photoshop to cover up any dirty marks.  


The best photographs are often of couples who are brave enough to try something new, even if this means battling with the weather for an outdoor shot, or going somewhere a bit off the beaten track for a more interesting photograph.  I always bring along white umbrellas just in case!


Chances are you've spent ages looking for your wedding photographer and you book them because you love their work, so trust their judgement.  Sometimes I might ask you to do things that may seem a bit silly but the resulting photograph will be awesome.  You've seen your photographer's portfolio and you have booked them for this reason so go with the flow.  


This is probably the most important one!  It's your wedding day - relax and enjoy it and let your photographer work their magic!